Day 1. Amsterdam

enjoy it

First day. First of July. First stop: Amsterdam.

I’ll do this quick. I’m in a hurry to meet Clara and her colleague Shinyoung. And a nomad, Adriana. Yes, a nomad. Clara and Shinyoung are working for Phillips but in their spare time they have a cool project about nomads called The Millenial Nomads. And today they interview Adriana and I will have to photograph her. First job, bringing me my first lunch. So let’s go.

I’ll tell you more about Gina later, Romanian actress and producer. I slept at her and her boyfriend’s place and had some really good țuică and sausages with Tecuci mustard. That’s Romanian stuff. Good stuff, that is. So yeah, later. Off to shoot.

Oh, and the photo was taken at the Amsterdam Airport while Clara was telling me about a product for women that she designed for Philips from scratch and now it’s sold all over the world.


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