Day 2. Amsterdam

millenium nomads

Clara was in a hurry to fly to Rome on holiday with her brother and her parents. Adriana was in a hurry to fly to Paris. Shinyoung was supposed to “fly” back to her office as she was in her lunch break. But I still got the chance to take the photos I needed of Adriana and enjoy an amazing beef tartar made in a Korean way on terrace by the river. Shinyoung interview me about my project in a very challenging way. I wanted to run away from her questions but I couldn’t help it, they were too straight to the point to be left unanswered.

After that I discovered how bikes rule Amsterdam. Riding on bikes with Gina we circled around the rings, along the channels, up and down bridges. I met Mariska, founder of the Prostitute Information Centre in Amsterdam. More about her on Saturday, when we’ll meet again.

anca si denis

Before the night fell on this rare sunny day, Anca and Denis had me on their boat along the channels. Photographing them between sips of wine and bits of food was funny and ellegant. A thunderstorm scared us away from the river and threw me back on my bike, riding back to the house through the rain.

When darkness took full power over the scenery, the rain was gone and the wheels beneath me became my single companions. As they were turning and turning, distance became consumable and time became rewindable. Flashes of this beautiful day went through my mind. My new friends told me that I’m lucky to have such a great weather here in Amsterdam. I think I’m lucky to have met them.


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