Day 4. Amsterdam

Mariska is the founder of PIC (Prostitution Information Center) and today I was invited to shoot her dogs at PIC in the Red Light District and have lunch together. The dog that you don’t really see in the photo is actually a Romanian dog that Mariska saved from a trip to Romania. I’ve learned what an important part dogs had in Mariska’s destiny and luckily enough I witnessed a strong emotional moment between a conservative Hungarian female tourist and Mariska on the topic of prostitution. The world is far from ready for accepting the decisions of others and judging one’s preferences is still a present habbit in our lives.

Then I met Sammy Jo, a singer, an actress and a future private investigator. Yes, the ones that can tap your phones, place bugs in your homes and hack your computers. And as we were driving to the beach I had the feeling I was with a Bond girl going on a mission. We shot some photos for her music album and it was really fun that we had to stop shooting when we realized we both love Eminem. She took out her mobile speakers and we started rapping over Eminem songs for almost an hour.

The night came yet again as we were speeding on the highway towards the city, guided by an orange full moon. And day 4 vanished into the realms of memory.


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