Day 6. Amsterdam

maria stefania silvia paolo

Maria is Romanian and she moved to Amsterdam less than a year ago. She has a great job at but she’s preparing to apply at the Conservatory. I can’t even remember how many instruments she plays. The funny thing, or maybe the Fanny thing (as Fanny comes from Stefania) is that Stefania, an old friend from back home, was on her own crazy trip across Europe and she was hosted by Maria in the same day that I met her. We had a blast. Stefania did some incredible pasta, Maria sang us songs at her guitar and I… well, I took photos. Maria has a beautiful voice that you will not forget very soon. So if you can’t get to Amsterdam, just call Booking pretending you want to register a new hotel and ask for her.

Silvia and Paolo are this amazing couple from Italy that live here in Amsterdam. They both work for well-known companies in purchasing and marketing. After hearing about my project, Silvia emailed me, telling me they have a special moment that they want me to be a part of, by photographing them on their favorite bridge in Amsterdam. Like every couple has its own place of comfort, their own favorite thing that marks their love, for Silvia and Paolo it’s this bridge. I was so happy and honored to see and capture their love blooming in this public, yet intimate place.


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