Day 8. Bruxelles


I arrived yesterday at Sasha, a student in photograhy that lives in Bruxelles. She’s one of the sweetest girls ever, a good cook with an incredible personality. As we talked about parties and tattoos she told me her story about the neighbor from across the street. She sees him every night smoking at his window, but never fully opening it. She can see his silhouette, but in a year and a half she never saw his face. A strong guy with muscular arms, a mistery man of the night that is standing there smoking, but never shows his face. He’s always alone. But who is he? What does he do? She will probably never find out.

In the afternoon I met Marisa, a beautiful model from Antwerp who studied marketing and now works as a model. We went on top of Inno, a big shopping mall right in the center of Bruxelles, and started shooting in the parking place on the roof. In the middle of the shoot it started raining. Instead of leaving she took her clothes off and we started shooting more, with a beautiful sun setting through the rain behind a chapel rooftop. Of course some young guys arrived to drink some beers, but that wouldn’t stop her. If I’d have to use one word to describe Marisa, it would be freedom. Independent, a Taurus with her own little car, she’s exactly what she wants to be. You’ll probably see her in California in a few years, either bikini modeling for big brands or doing acting.

As I was walking back towards Sasha’s place I found a deserted city with few people on the streets. The massive buildings made the streets feel even more empty. Silence and a huge empty space.


One thought on “Day 8. Bruxelles

  1. […] two weeks ago I shot Marisa in Bruxelles, on top of a mall ( Now she’s in Paris and she wants to meet again, hang out and shoot some photos. She waited […]


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