Day 9. Gent

aravinda rodenburg

Busy, busy day in Gent yesterday. Just half an hour by train from Bruxelles, this small town full of castles and young people all over the place is charming and full of good energy. Simina, a psychotherpist and a stylist that worked for fashion magazines in Romania took me to help her with the making of for a shoot with Aravinda Rodenburg, a bespoke tailor from Gent. If I remember it right, he’s the only one in Belgium and one of the few in the world. He’s working with CEOs and people who appreciate custom made suits as an art form. I’ve learned some funny tricks from his craft, like having to wipe the needle on your nose sometimes when you sew, just to get a little grease on it. As I started shooting pictures she loved them so much that she wanted me to forget about the making of and do some fashion shots. So there I was, shooting alongside Julien, a belgian photographer, as Olivier, a belgian model and former flight attendant was posing as a classy Christian Bale.

As I already expected, meeting new people has been amazing. I’m receiving incredible energy from everybody. But the better the human contact is, the worse it gets in the material world. And I’m not talking about money of course, because that doesn’t exist in my trip. It’s the devices. First night in Amsterdam my card reader breaks. Two days later my Windows crashes. Another day later my bag where I have my camera breaks. Last night, when I get home I find one of my important lenses broken. So no laptop, no card reader, no bag, no lense. What’s next?

I have to run to another shoot today with Nouha, an actress and a singer. We’ll shoot at Oostende, at the beach, on the west coast of Belgium. So bye for now and come back tomorrow to see pictures from the shoot.


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