Day 12. Bruxelles


I woke up after a long sleep to organize my trip to Paris. A lot of work awaits me there, having two shootings everyday. I was starting to feel a little tired after more than 10 days of shooting and traveling, but the good energy I received from the people I’ll shoot in Paris made me look ahead with excitement.

After a few hours of scheduling my shoots I went to see Marthe and take some photographs together. She’s a friend of Nouha and she heard about my trip from her. She studied acting and she also worked as a hair-dresser. She wanted some actor headshots so we did that, but soon enough we decided to have some fun, too. So she put on this beautiful red dress, she changed her hair style and we started walking through the streets taking photo after photo as she posed like a cinema star from the 60s.

We finished a bottle of Chateau Saint Andre, a red wine that she offered to me as a gift because it had my name on it, and then I left. I met Nouha to get a film camera back cause I forgot it in her bag, but then I realized I forgot my notebook back at Marthe’s place. So back to Marthe to get it back, where she was having dinner with Jonas, a friend of hers that wants to do cinema. I was invited to stay and have a delicious chicken cooked by Marthe. We talked about human stupidity, recklesness, about the food market, about soldiers and funerals and we decided that humans are spoiled and that they don’t care to ask too many questions about what happens to other people as long as they’re satisfied.

At 2 AM I rode on a bike that Jonas got with his credit card and I went speeding up the hills of Bruxelles. I only had one thought in my mind: how many cool people like this am I going to meet next?


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