Day 13. On my way to Paris


Sasha was off to a festival for a few days and I thought I would not see her before leaving her place, but as I had a lot of requests for shootings in Bruxelles I stayed a little more than planned. Seeing her again was really awesome and we had a few laughs just before I left.

It’s funny that I’ve been followed by the sun wherever I’ve been. Just before arriving in Amsterdam it was rainy and the sun came out in my first day there. I even witnessed the hottest day in the history of Holland while I was there. When I left Amsterdam it started raining, but when I got to Bruxelles the sun came out again. Yesterday as I was leaving Bruxelles after a few sunny days, it started raining again. I’m always sad to leave a city where I stayed for a while, so maybe that’s why it’s always raining when I leave.

Hiding from the rain in the North Train station in Bruxelles, waiting for my bus, I hear someone saying my name. And what an amazing surprise, it was Merel, the designer and former ballerina that I shot in Amsterdam. She was on a bus from Amsterdam to Paris to buy some materials for her brand and surprisingly she was on the same bus that I was going to take. We entered the city of lights around midnight, as fireworks were exploding around us, celebrating France’s national day.


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