Day 14. Paris

   A few months ago in Romania photographer and singer Jim Rosemberg shot a video for his French band Balinger together with his photographer friend Romain Leblanc. You can check it out here We became good friends and now I’m staying in Paris at Romain’s place.

On the 14th of July, France’s National Day, I went to see Jim. All the fabric suppliers that Merel was going to meet had their shops closed, so I took her along to hang out. Between being amazed watching Vivian Maier’s selfportraits and seeing Jim’s new cool photo experiments, we posed for Jim in his beautiful flat. After getting the polaroid out of his Mamiya (photo above), we “ruined” the negative with our fingerprints, getting it ready for his new photo exhibition.

Last year during La Fête nationale I was in Paris, too, watching the fireworks from a bridge near the Eiffel Tower. This year I had the chance to see them from Jim’s incredible rooftop, somewhere high in the center of Paris from where you could see the whole city. Like a bouquet of many different nationalities, Jim’s friends were spread across the roof, watching in awe as France was blowing lights from it’s famous tower, celebrating its unity and Republic.


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