Day 15. Paris


Wednesday was a hot day, fans were on maximum speed everywhere. It seemed like Paris was trying to ventilate itself from the inside, but didn’t stand a chance against the mighty sun. It was at noon when Valentine and I dared to want to shoot. Valentine is an actress, worked as an assistant director and lives in Indonesia. We had a few talks about cinema and then we went outside the window, above the melting boulevard of Faubourg Saint-Martin, on some scaffoldings. I felt like I was in the early 80s with Kim Basinger on a skyscraper in construction somewhere in New York. We then had some beers and started talking politics. I wish all the people would be as well balancend and informed and as passionate about the working mechanisms of societies as Valentine. Probably we cannot make the world a better place, but at least we would know why we can’t.

Later on I met my friend Lara at the designer’s shop that she works for. We talked about her new passion, movie directing, and I was really happy to hear that her first movie was accepted in a film festival in San Diego. We had a nice dinner and we planned a shooting before I leave Paris. I also met one of her nice friends, who is the manager of a shop with toys for children who invited me to take pictures of the shop in exchange for lunch.

It was a hot day and while I was looking at all the parisians who were almost fainting from the heat I felt a little guilty for bringing the sun from Amsterdam and Bruxelles to their city.


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