Day 16. Paris

rebecca and marie-aimee

Paris was hot again. You could imagine people being lazy, moving really slow not to consume energy, staying still in the shadows like snakes in the sun, gathering in groups to share large quantities of water or spray each other with it, but no. People were agitated, always going somewhere, crossing the streets, entering shops, exiting shops, talking on the phone. Even the typical parisians who were having coffees in terraces on the street were not calm. You could see them talking and talking, gesticulating, being surprised and affected, probably by some political decision in a country far away. I guess the calm and inactive people were hiding from the sun in their homes, like the homeless were doing under the trees in the parks. I saw all this in a big hurry to meet Jim before he left to Nantes and then hurry again to do a shooting with Rebecca.

Rebecca is one of the sweetest models I know. She’s relaxed, calm and has plenty of good energy to share with everybody around. We met in the evening at Jardin de Tuileries with her friend Marie-Aimée, then went shopping to a supermarket nearby and then had a nice little picnic in the park. When we were almost ready to shoot, as the light began fading, I realized I had left the battery in the charger and I can’t use the camera. Luckily I also had a film camera and we took some photos with that and then hurried back to Romain’s place to get my battery before the light falls. We all got there in time and still caught some beautiful evening light. As the night was spreading across the city still boiling from the heat, we were tired and happy, sitting on the pavement on a bridge and having the last bits of our picnic.

I was beginning to realize that shooting everyday, always walking and not using the metro is becoming harder and harder. And that without the good energy of the people that I’m surrounded with, I couldn’t possibly continue in this rhythm.


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