Day 17. Paris


Romain has a cool photography project and he wants me to model for it. It’s a really nice concept, about holiday selfies that invade Facebook in the summer. So at noon he offered me lunch at an indian restaurant where we also took some holiday selfies for his project. Well fed and with good energy after a long string of nasty jokes, I leave Romain and go to shoot Séréna.

Séréna and I have been trying to do a shoot together for six months. Whenever I was in Paris we tried to find some free time, but we could never make it happen. Luckily she was in town and we hit it off. She’s a great model, she’s doing fashion, commercials and a few months ago she filmed for Rihanna’s new video. I wanted to shoot fashion with her, but also some natural and sensual portraits. I found a very talented stylist on Facebook, Marie, and she was willing to help me out with the styling. For the location, Jim was the man to the rescue, offering me the chance to use his beautiful apartment. Jim was out of town so I was welcomed by one of his roommates, Laurent, also a photographer, who welcomed me like a brother and made the shoot easy and smooth. Séréna came with Anne Zolie, her cool stepmother, a stylist and a designer in LA who helped us out with her look and took a lot of pictures of us while we were shooting.

And then the magic started. Working with Séré was so great that we were taking pictures on and on, without stopping. She has this amazing talent of taking directions and transforming herself according to the mood of every picture. We had such a strong connection that she could understand perfectly how I wanted the shots and she was improvising all the time. She was working with her emotions like an actress. I just had to say one word and she would unleash this avalanche of emotions and poses. She can switch from a classy lady, a sensual woman or a shy girl in just a few seconds. We shot more than one thousand pictures, both digital and film, with Séré making the best of the perfect clothes that Marie had for her.

Tired and happy I went back home, when I realized I forgot one of Jim’s keys in my pocket, so I had to go back there to return it. After this hard and long day I joined Romain once again. He was shooting a concert in Hôtel de ville. I arrived late, just when the concert was ending, but in time to go out with him and his friends. We went from bar to bar until we got home. I took one last look at the photos from the shoot and satisfied I let my head rest on my pillow. It was a great day.


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