Day 21. Paris

marisa papen 2

Almost two weeks ago I shot Marisa in Bruxelles, on top of a mall ( Now she’s in Paris and she wants to meet again, hang out and shoot more photos. She waited for me in Place de la République with a sandwich, a beer and some fruits. We walked a little, had a coffee and then walked a little more, while stopping and shooting random pictures. She just bought a new swimsuit that she was really happy with, so we took some pictures of her in the swimsuit on a fountain, on a tiny tiny sand spot near Notre Dame and on some bridges. Of course we remembered how she was nude under the rain above Bruxelles and thought it would be really cool if we could do it in Paris, too. Only Pont Neuf, witness of so many lovers knows if we did it or not. And probably the dozens of passers by who were there.

I left her with the thought that we would meet again, one week later in Barcelona, where she will have a modeling job at the same time I’ll be there. After our walk I went to meet Calina, a Romanian doctor who lives in Paris for 11 years. I had a great evening with her and her friend Ana, another Romanian who lives in Paris. We shared some stories and I felt like home talking in Romanian for a few hours. Once again I was proved that the Romanian way of interacting is one of the warmest you can get. Walking back home I was still wondering where to go on Thursday. Romain is going with a project near Bordeaux and he offered to take me there. I was thinking to take his offer and go there. But reflecting on my options, even though I still don’t have a place to stay in Lyon until Friday and not even a bus or train ticket there, I decided that on Thursday I’m hitchhiking to Lyon.


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