Day 22. Paris


The number one rule of my trade trip is that if I don’t work during one day, then that day I won’t eat. It’s not something I invented, it’s a normal consequence of the concept of my trip. But sometimes friends help me bend this rule and I can get some time off. I’ve eaten food offered by Romain countless times and I went out with friends who offered me food for just one picture made for fun. So is the case of Sabina, a former model from Romania who lives in Paris for a few years. We hanged out last summer in Paris and she kept telling me about this amazing burger place that I really have to try. I didn’t get the chance back then, but yesterday Sabina took me to eat one of those delicious burgers. Then we went to Jardin de Luxembourg where she showed me this really cool documentary about the Romanian hackers from Ramnicu-Valcea. I have to admit I was admiring some of those hackers’ skills and philosophy, even though most of the hackers in Valcea ar just experienced cyber-thieves.

After Sabina got me inside the metro I went home to continue the work on the laptop. I saw Nouha near Gare du Nord for a beer and we chose the best pictures from our shoot in Bruxelles. Nouha is the third girl I’m seeing in more than one country. First there was Merel, I shot her in Amsterdam, then we met by chance in Bruxelles’ Gare du Nord on our way to France and then hanged out in Paris. With Marisa I’ve worked both in Bruxelles and Paris and we’re going to have another shoot in Barcelona next week. And now I’m meeting Nouha in Paris, feeling like I was seeing a close friend again. All these double and triple encounters are a special suprise for me and my trip. I thought I was going to have only new interactions every day and in every city, but when these new friends appear surprisingly everywhere I am, I cannot help but have the feeling of some guardian angels following my trail.


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