Day 25. Lyon


In Lyon I’m sleeping at Lise’s place. I found her on after someone I was supposed to sleep at cancelled me one day before arriving. She was nice enough to host me on a really short notice and I was lucky enough to end up in a quiet and beautiful place. Lise is a young mother with a gorgeous son named Samuel and her place is in a peaceful neighborhood called Bron.

At around 3 I met Laura, a former model who moved to Lyon after living in London and, if I remember correctly, Canada and Germany. She moved here with a job 9 months ago and she hasn’t yet discovered all the places of Lyon. We were both discovering the city as we went up an down the streets taking photos. She needed some corporate shots for professional use, but we couldn’t help having fun, playing and shooting some artsy pictures along the way. As I am obsessed with religious sculptures and characters that experience divine bliss, we played with that, too.

In the evening I met Anne-Sophie and we went to have some drinks on the beautiful shore of Saône. She studied history of arts and currently works for a music hall and in the mornings for an agriculture program that helps the independent winemakers to develop their businesses. From time to time she poses for photographers, as she loves art and loves to be a part of artistic projects. We planned a shoot for the next day and she also offered me a place to stay if I don’t decide to hitchhike to Montpellier in the afternoon. We were joined for drinks by her friend Louis, a cool photographer from Lyon that I had a lot of laughs with after we said goodbye to Anne Sophie.

No big events happened in my 25th day of traveling in terms of adventure, but “friendly” could be the word of the day. All the people I met in Lyon are friendly, welcoming and with a big heart. I’ll probably stay a day more.


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