Day 26. Lyon


On Sunday I took photos of Anne-Sophie. I thought I was doing a lot of different things by doing acting, photography, writing movie reviews, doing graphic design. But I was not prepared for Anne-Sophie. Besides her history of arts studies, her music hall and agriculture jobs, she does collages, she worked as a guide in castles like Versailles and on boat cruises. She’s an avid book reader and she wakes up every morning at 4 just to have 2 hours of reading before going to work. She’s involved with humanitarian associations, she’s traveled a lot and wants to travel even more.

Spending the day with her was so much fun. We started shooting at around 3 pm at one of her friends’ apartment, after I came with my backpack from Lise’s place. I was a few hours late as I was still trying to figure out how to get to Montpellier. She cooked for us, but as I was late, she had already eaten when I got there. I ate, we took some pictures until we realized the light was not that great and then we went out for a walk. It was too late to hitchhike to Montpellier and Anne-Sophie offered me a couch to sleep on, so I decided I would stay in Lyon for one more night. And I’m really glad I did. I discovered that Anne-Sophie is a Virgo like me and we found so many things we have in common, one of the most important ones being that our memory is becoming less and less effective. She took me to Le Parc de la Tête d’Or and like a true guide she told me some legends and stories about the park. I saw some of the animals that live in the Zoo of the park, we had some really cool conversations about freedom and then walked a little more.

As we were walking along the beautiful shore of the Rhône, three young French girls that were coming from some place near Paris told Anne-Sophie that she looked like Miley Cyrus. I jumped into the conversation and told them that she’s her sister, that’s why they looked alike. Shocked and excited the girls asked Anne-Sophie if she would mind if she did a video with them and just say that she’s Miley Cyrus’ sister and that she’s with them in Lyon. Anne-Sophie immediately took my improvisation theme and until we left the girls ecstatic that they have their video with Miley’s sister, she played her character really well. On the way back I was explained why she was so good at it. She has studied acting and improvisation for 8 years, so there I was adding another job to Anne-Sophie’s endless skill list.

As I was watching her cook some quick dinner for us, I realized Anne-Sophie’s biggest skill is giving. She’s genuinely generous, she’s very attentive and loves to make other people happy. I remembered her story with this homeless guy that became her book friend. Anne-Sophie wanted to offer him some food, but he refused and just asked for food for his dogs. Since then they have they lunch together on the street, they exchange and they talk about books. You rarely find someone like that, who doesn’t pass through life just following his goals, but also turning towards other people, their needs and their desires. I was eating and I knew that I had to leave Lyon first thing in the morning. And I knew I was going to miss it.


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