Day 28. Montpellier, Barcelona


Tuesday I woke up in Maya’s place in Montpellier feeling the hotness of the South for the first time in my trip. I started to write to some of the people that I was going to meet in Barcelona to let them know that I’m close. I still didn’t have a solution for the road to Spain, so I was considering hitchhiking. Ioana, a Romanian photographer and artist, was so excited about my project and me coming to Barcelona that she formed a group chat on Facebook with some of her close friends and within an hour they arranged for me to have a shared car ride with Her friends Alina, Maca, Lilla and Kiala all chipped in for the payment of the ride and in exchange for that we planned a big shoot on Sunday in Barcelona.

The day had a perfect start and I knew that by the end of it I will be crashing near the crowded Ramblas. Maya came home and we went out for a little shoot on the streets of Montpellier. I then took my backpack and went to wait for the car. I met a family that was going to Morocco and that was picking up passengers to minimize the costs of their trip. Julie is a French girl who was also going to Barcelona and was a passenger just like me in the family’s car. She works for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Arts Barcelona. We arrived at 1 AM in the city of Gaudi at a station that was really far from Carla’s place, the photographer I was staying at. When I was in Lyon and I had to go home to Lise’s place the metro had a problem so I had to switch two trains and then take a bus. It was night and I would have never understood what to do to get back home. Luckily there was the French photographer Louis who was going the same direction as I was. I followed him to the station that he was going off at, close to his home. When we got out of the bus, Lise’s place was just in front of me. What were the chances that he lived in the same far neighborhood as Lise? Actually the same chances that Julie would be staying 20 meters away from Carla’s place in Barcelona. As I have no money on me, I would have had to walk for more than an hour from the station were the Maroccan family left us, but Julie invited me in her taxi and she dropped me off just in front of Carla’s place. How crazy can this karma be?

I was at last meeting Carla, a stunning photographer from Barcelona that I knew from Melanie, a model that I shot there a few years ago. You can check out Carla’s work here. She’s a very sweet 20 year old Catalan girl who stays with her mother in the heart of Barcelona. Her father is a famous tango dancer and teacher, a singer and performer from Argentina. Everything in her house and her way of living is linked to art and beauty. She’s always joyful and we had a lot of talks and laughs. We are two Virgos, both loving photography, both of our mothers working in the pharmacy world and both happy to dance to a hip-hop tune if we get the chance. At 2:30 AM she went to work in a club nearby where she takes photos of the parties and I laid down to sleep. A week of Barcelona was waiting for me. I was at last in my favorite city who was welcoming me as warm as it always has.


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