Days 30 & 31. Barcelona


The “meeting again” thing keeps happening with more and more people. Thursday I met Clara for the second time during my trip. She was the first person I met when I started this project. She took me from the Amsterdam airport and then to the city where everything started. Now she’s on holidays in Barcelona and she took her courage and said that she would like to be photographed, too. We went to a park where we had a little photo fun and then had some tapas at a restaurant nearby, enjoying some really tasty squid.

The squid did not even get the chance to take a little rest in its new home when I was running to meet Marina, a friend of Carla’s. She works in communications, in a dance club and is also preparing to go to India to get her license as a Yoga instructor. She loved my project and also wanted some street yoga pictures. It was late afternoon when we met, so we were in a little hurry to still have natural light. Running from place to place, doing pose after pose, it was intense but in the end quite fun.

We said we would meet in an hour for dinner and it was perfect, as on my way to the restaurant I had time to go and see Ioana’s photo exhibition in El Born. Ioana and her friends were the ones who got me the car ride from Montpellier to Barcelona. Sadly her photos have been just replaced with some other photographer’s work, but we had a beer on the house and then I headed for the dinner with Marina.

Carla joined us for a veggie dinner where we decided that I would join them at their workplace, the Jamboree club. Marina works there as a bartender and Carla takes photos of the party. It was sweet of Marina to offer me drinks all night and for the first time during my trip I felt tipsy. It was a fun dance night, my first one since I started my journey, and as me and Carla were going back home, I knew that I would be waking up late.

Since I started this trip I never woke up later than 9. Everyday around 8 I would wake up without an alarm or a noise from outside. But Friday I woke up at 12 and I was happy. I felt like home, where I can sleep as much as I want. I was waiting for a sign from a Ukrainian model based in Barcelona. We talked on Facebook for more than 4 years and we’ve been eager to do a shoot together for a long time. She told me she’s available at 3. Then that she’s available at 5:30. And finally that she’s not available at all. I didn’t do anything for half a day waiting for her answer so I decided to hit the beach with Clara and her Romanian friend Andra, who lives and works in Copenhagen. It was already late when I got to the beach and we just had time for half an hour of sunbathing. The girls invited me to have something to eat and I took them to my special place near the beach where they serve the best paella ever.

In the evening I met Yane and her friends. Yane was born in Germany, lived in New York and Berlin, and now she’s enjoying life in a quiet neighborhood of Barcelona. She said she loved my project and really wanted to support me. We had some typical Catalan tapas and then we went to the beach for a party. She showed me her favorite place at the beach and the cat that she always feeds when she goes there. We planned a shoot on that part of the beach for Tuesday morning, one day before I leave Barcelona.

We were on the beach and it was a blue moon. That is a rare event that happens once in a few years when the moon becomes full twice in the same month. Unfortunately it started raining and we couldn’t stay with all the locals who were drumming, singing with their trumpets and dancing. So we hid in a cute little bar by the beach and spent almost all night there.

When we left it was still raining so we had to go to Yane’s place to dry our wet clothes. What a hilarious scene! Three almost naked guys and one girl telling funny stories about real encounters with Woody Allen, the daughter of Bill Clinton and the Dave Matthews Band. The sun was preparing to rise when I left Yane’s place to Jamboree, where Carla was still working. I took her keys and headed home. I realized with joy that this Catalan city changed my daily schedule back to normal. I was once again a night person.


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