Day 34. Barcelona


Monday was a day of magic and mystery. I woke up late. I wasn’t sick anymore, but I was really tired. I was preparing all my cameras for the shoot with Tiziana. I knew it was going to be a great photo session because I saw her work and knew that she can bring a lot of emotion and beauty to a picture. We were planning to shoot in the Montjuic cemetery, so I was expecting it to be really fun. But my energy was almost zero and when I got out of Carla’s building at 1 PM I thought I would not make it for more than 10 meters. The heat was so strong and I was so tired that moving through that merciless heat was a nightmare.

And then I met her, Tiziana. All dressed in black, already prepared for the shoot in the cemetery. We were in the middle of the Ramblas, with people in shorts and flipflops walking up and down with no visible purpose. And there she was, a girl out this era, a dark lady in a world full of crazy moving colors. She was quiet, smiling from time to time, almost shivering from a strange shyness and she was very very still, as any movement would make her feel the heat stronger under her black clothes. We arrived at the cemetery and the heat was even stronger. The cemetery is on a hill, in open air, with just a few trees that could not hide us from the heat. We started walking up the stairs, feeling more and more hot under the strong Mediterranean sun. We had to stop every 5 minutes and take a 15 minute break. The light was also too strong for the photos. It was probably after one hour that we found a nice place to start shooting.

All this time Tiziana was very quiet, we only talked a few times about where she comes from, about her living in Paris and about the difference between French and Spanish people. Her mother is half Hungarian half Austrian so I made a joke that she’s like the empire, Austro-Hungarian. I think that was the only joke that she laughed at. She was usually listening to my silly jokes or wordplay puns and while looking intensely into my eyes she would not even smile at the end of the joke. I could tell she is not impressed by the superficial, by easy stuff. There was a profound way of thinking and feeling emotion under that deadpan sweet face that was not easy to get out. Or at least not through conversation. Because when we started shooting it was coming out in big waves of emotion. She improvised like an actress. She used to see the surroundings, the objects around and just blend in. The positions, the feelings, the way she looked was all improvised by her. I was just a passenger that was granted access into her world. The cemetery suited her inner world perfectly. Or maybe she is so talented at acting that the made it seem that way. I’ll never know, as we didn’t have time to talk a lot about it.

After hours of shooting in that heat we decided to leave. We climbed down and hoped the bus would be coming really soon to take us back to the city. When we got to the bus station we realized we would have to wait for an hour for the bus, so we started walking. We walked for an hour under the sun and through the horrible smells of the industrial port side of Barcelona. The awful smells would be changing every minute from recognizable to unimaginable scents. The first smell we noticed when we arrived to the city was the smell of Marijuana. We were then sure that we arrived to Barcelona. She offered me a pizza and then I went home as tired as I’ve never been in this trip. After a nice dinner with Carla and her mother I laid my head on the pillow and I thought about the day that just passed. I met magic and mystery in the shape of a girl, generous and kind, understanding and very talented when it comes to expressing emotion. Her beauty was hiding a mystery that any artist will fall in love with. And probably any man who is not looking just for raw sensations will want to discover.


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