Day 35. Barcelona

carla yane gia

Tuesday was announcing itself as the hardest day of my trip. Being my last day in Barcelona, I had to finish all the shootings that I had planned to do. So after a hot Monday that got me all washed out, I had to get up at 5 AM on Tuesday, shoot Yane at sunrise, then shoot Carla at midday and then shoot Georgiana in the afternoon. And then pack my bags and at 3 AM leave for the airport to go to Milan.

It seemed like a hard day, but in the end it was so fun that it didn’t matter anymore. So at 5 AM I’m up and going to Yane’s place to pick her up and hit the beach. She wanted to shoot at sunrise in her favorite spot where she goes everyday. She also brought a fishnet so we can make some statement photos about the garbage that we throw into the oceans and seas. I was recovering from my cold that I most probably got from the last time the rain caught me when I was with Yane. And now, as we were shooting in the beautiful sunrise light, it starts raining again. It was too late to give up the shooting so we stood there in the cold rain and took photos until it passed. And then it was sunny again. It was about 9 when I entered the water for the first time since I arrived in Barcelona. I’ve been there for a week and it was during the last day when I finally had time to take a swim. First and last swim on the beach of Barcelona.

We went to Yane’s place, she offered me a place to sleep for 2 hours, some food and then she helped me print my plane tickets. Before I left I saw her atelier where she creates her amazing mosaics.I was happy to meet generous Yane and be a part of her clean and organized world. I then left back to Carla’s place to take her out for some photos. We went nearby at a coffee shop where we took some portraits and then we walked around the streets near the Ramblas for more pictures. We became good friends during my stay and teasing was one of our favorite games. So I would sometimes be loud on purpose while taking the pictures just so that people would look at us and make Carla embarrassed. For a photographer who was now in front of the camera, Carla was having a lot of fun.

The next and last to shoot was Georgiana. We met in the center and took a metro to the north, to shoot in a park with a labyrinth. Honestly the labyrinth was not that impressive, not as a labyrinth and not even for the photos, but we took some good shots in there and around the park. With her sweet face and her strong look, Georgiana can make any picture count, so we had a lot of good pictures in a short period of time.

She tooke me to eat at one of the best family restaurants in Barcelona where the food was amazing! I’ve had one of the tastiest salads in my life and some chicken with lots of nice stuff around it, like roast potatoes and goat cheese and rucola. We then had an outrageously expensive beer at a terrace nearby, we had a nice talk and I think I succeeded in converting skeptic Georgiana back into believing in astrology.

Carla was leaving to work at Jamboree one hour before I was going to the airport. We said goodbye and I stayed to pack my backpack and leave. I was again leaving a new city where I was welcomed so warmly, even literally in Barcelona. I was tired, I was gathering all my things and stuffing them in my backpack. After I finished, there was a big hole in the room from where all my stuff has been. And also a hole in my stomach as I had to leave a place that made me feel like home. The two holes grew further and further away from each other as the bus was taking me to the airport.


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