Day 36. Milano


Before writing about my 36th day of My Trade Trip, I have to clarify two things. First of all, this picture is not taken during my trip, but one day before I started it. Raluca is the girl in the middle, she’s a singer and a good friend of mine that unfortunately I haven’t seen in a long time. The guys and Raluca form a band called Electrio (you can see their Facebook page here). She asked me to do a shoot with them before I leave, because they really needed some shots in my kind of natural atmosphere. I agreed and I was happy to see her after a lot of years and had a really good time following them around the streets of Bucharest while they would laugh or act cool. At the end Raluca and their PR, Narcisa, wanted to help me out with my trip so instead of paying me for the shoot, they agreed to buy me a plane ticket if I needed it on my trip. And as I didn’t want to cross the whole south coast of France on land, Wednesday I flew from Barcelona to Milano thanks to Raluca and Narcisa.

The second thing I have to clarify is that it’s now Saturday evening and I’m writing about Wednesday. I’m late with the writing because I am still sick with a cold. I’m still in Milano and today all I’ve done was stay in bed and sweat. No shootings for two days, just teas and sweat. But you will read more about it as I succeed in catching up with my posts.

So Wednesday was a bit hard. I didn’t sleep all Tuesday night, I arrived at the airport at around 5 and at 9 I was already in the center of Milano, at the train station Milano Centrale. Hot in Barcelona, cold in the plane, hot again in Milano. My body was going crazy and my throat was all red and swollen. But I couldn’t feel it because of the tiredness. I met Consuelo, this amazing cute girl that hosted me for two nights. She’s full of ink, a real punk girl with a kind and generous soul that you rarely can find. She was upset that she had to go to work and deal with clients that are jerks, but she was happy to see me and take me home. She showed me everything around the house and said we would meet later with her and her boyfriend.

I got a few hours of sleep. I was better, but I was dizzy. The cold was preparing to come back stronger than before. But in the meantime I went out with Consuelo and Francesco. We had some really good aperitifs at a butchery store close to Navigli, then some beer near the river and then we went to Mercato Metropolitano, where we had to spray ourselves with Autan to be safe from the millions of mosquitos there. Consuelo was really kind to let me sleep alone at her place and the trip to Milano was starting well. Amazing people and nice places. But the cold had something else to say about it.


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