Day 37. Milano


Thursday I woke up at noon with a huge pain in my throat. I was also sweating and dizzy. The heat in Milano was unbearable and with the cold I had it was even worse. Consuelo was supposed to come back home from work where she took half a day off so we can shoot. I asked her to bring me some medicine on the way and she was really sweet and bought me a whole pack of Paracetamol. I was sick and she was hot, pun not really intended. We had no energy to shoot, but we’ve been talking for four years about shooting together. Her ex-boyfriend was doing business in Romania so she was very often there. We tried but we never really got the chance to meet and do a shooting. She was leaving the next day and all we had was this crappy hot day, so we started shooting. We wanted to shoot somewhere outside in an old tram, but who would dare to go out in that torrid weather? So we took some pictures around the house until we were both so exhausted from the heat that we stopped. What I loved about shooting Consuelo is that she is a very good listener and she never blocks herself with boundaries. She trusts the photographer, tries to get inspired by him/her and follow his/her every indication or thought. If only more models could be like that…

I then tried to sleep for an hour or two but I couldn’t because I had difficulties breathing through my nose. I was sweating even when I was not moving so I just stood in bed until the evening. I then went out to meet Consuelo, Francesco and some of their friends at a barbecue on a rooftop. We were driven there by Luca, a guy that made me hear the Italian language like never before. The way he was pronouncing it very clearly and the way he was emphasizing the right words in the sentence made me hear a very melodic and passionate language, spoken by one of it’s finest reciters.

The barbecue was fun, with a lot of meat. It’s funny how during my trip, 80% of the people I met were vegetarians. And here I am now, out of a sudden, in a place where people adore meat. They even eat horse on a regular basis, which really freaks me out. But anyway, back to the party of friendly people who were all interested in my project and myself. Consuelo and Francesco made me feel like I was with friends from high-school. We are grown up now and have jobs, but we still meet from time to time to share some thoughts around a barbecue fire.

When I got home I was still dizzy, but the beer and wine and the stomach full of pork made me forget about the cold. Which was not even far from over, the worst was yet to come.


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