Days 38 & 39. Milano


Friday and Saturday were my last 2 days in Milano. I had 2 shootings planned but I had to cancel them because of the damn cold that was not going away. Consuelo had to leave on Friday to visit her parents so I moved to Larisa’s place. Larisa is a Romanian girl who studied History of Arts and Anthropology and now she works for the Milano Triennale. When I got to her huge apartment near the Navigli area, I was sweating and dizzy. She cooked some pasta for me and then she began taking care of the sick Romanian guy. For almost two days I did nothing but stay in bed, sweat from the cold and the numerous teas that Larisa was doing for me and sleep from time to time. On Saturday she also prepared what she said would be the most powerful cure for my flu: a garlic and onion soup. Tasting it I said I wished I was sick more often so I could get tasty soups like that.

Besides being my savior, Larisa was also a great company for talks about art of any form. We talked about modern artists, photography, installations and exhibitions, actors and theatre. I promised to myself that I have to come back to Milano and let her show me the art world of the city. She got a ticket to Robert Wilson’s new project, Letter to a Man, inspired by the diary of Vaslav Nijinski, starring Mikhail Baryshnikov and I was so excited to hear about this project that I told her I’ll be back for sure in September so we could go together and see it.

On Sunday I was leaving to Rimini where I start my acting workshop with some people that want to learn more about acting, theatre and cinema. I was almost recovered and on Saturday night I wanted to go out and have a walk with Larisa. I was tired of just staying in bed and not having the pleasure of hanging out with her. She offered me the prize of the day for feeling better: a delicious house-made 100% natural gelato. Yes, a Milanese ice cream. After all the sweating and dizziness, the ice cream was the best thing that could happen to me that evening. I was ready to forget about the cold and move on with my trip, leaving the caring Larisa just to meet her again soon in a better state.


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