Day 43. Rimini


Wednesday a new participant was coming to the acting workshop, Margherita, a model from Monsano that also works as a make-up artist. Unfortunately for the workshop, Filippo and Livia could not come so we didn’t hold the classes anymore. Having a free day, Margherita, Be and me went to a park and had fun taking some pictures. We had no concept in mind, just a dress that Margherita had with her, a park and a lot of mosquitoes. You cannot see the mosquitoes in the photos, but they were there by the hundreds, biting us almost every second. Every country has its problems as I could see during my trip and, funny enough, the most visible problem of Italy is mosquitoes.

Talking with Be about acting and movies we came up with a nice story that we could film, so I started writing a short movie that we will shoot in Rimini in the following days. This city has so many amazing places. Some are 2000 years old and some are brand new, but all of them have a certain poetry that is beautiful to capture in images. I’ll post more about the story I’m writing and the filming during the next days because today an acting workshop awaits.


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