Day 48. Rimini


Monday was my last day in Rimini and one of the busiest so far in this little town. I woke up at 5 in the morning to film with Be something for our short movie. I only slept for two hours because I was thinking all night about this shot that I wanted to take with her for the ending of the movie and I didn’t know what would work best. At almost 3 AM I had the best idea that was good enough to calm me down, put me to sleep and let my mind and body rest. In the morning we went to the beach hoping to catch the sunrise and that magic light. It was cloudy but still there was a beautiful light. We went on this bridge that goes for 20 meters into the sea and shot the ending of the movie on the edge of it. I was really impressed by Be’s talent and after two takes we stopped. She had done her job perfectly, with the right amount of emotion and very precise in her actions like a true actress. After the ending we filmed some additional footage and went back home.

It was already 9 AM. At 10 I was meeting Greta and Greta. Yes, not one, but two Gretas. One of them is a 18 year old photographer (you can check out her work here) and the other one is a 17 year old model. Both of them live near Rimini and are very charming. We met in this big park where I hosted the acting workshop and we started shooting. The Gretas, as I called them, were young but really professional. I think they are the only ones during My Trade Trip who sent me photos of their clothes before shooting. So I knew exactly what mood we would have and what to shoot and everything went on pretty fast. Especially because they are good friends and they would be helping each other out for each picture. It was funny having a photographer and a model in the same shot because the way they behave was totally different. The model Greta was focusing on her poses, while the photographer Greta was being creative with ideas that usually a photographer has. My job was in the end very simple. I just concentrated on how good they felt with each other and tried to capture that in pictures.

After the shoot we went to eat something together and then I went back home to shoot some more with Be for the short movie. It was a haircut scene, where she cuts my hair. We probably filmed for 5 hours, as I constantly had to go from behind the camera to in front of the camera. Yes, I’m also in the movie, and it’s a crazy experience. I had to focus on so many things that for a perfectionist Virgo it was a weird pleasure and a nightmare at the same time. I transferred the material on my laptop when we finished and I saw so many mistakes that I just closed the laptop and wanted to forget all about the movie. At least I had a new haircut, I said to myself. In my opinion it’s the best I’ve had in years.

Tuesday I was leaving Rimini and going to Bologna. This week with Be and Francesco was amazing! I felt like a brother, like I was part of their family and everything they offered me was always warm and coming from the heart. It was hard to imagine that I would have to say goodbye to this new home the next morning. But I also felt that I would see them again really soon, that I’m not leaving, but just going away for a little while.


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