Days 52 – 53. Bologna

be bologna

Friday was a lazy day. Around 3 or 4 in the morning Bianca, a good friend of Lina’s, came to the apartment after a party with her relatives. It’s funny that after shooting Elis who was half Albanian half Greek I met Bianca in the middle of the night with the same powerful eyes that Elis has and I found out that she’s also half Albanian half Greek. Coincidences kept coming and I’m sure they will never stop during this trip. I woke up at 10 Friday morning and started writing for the blog while the girls were still sleeping. When they woke up we planned a little shooting with them but not until Fabrice arrived. He’s a computer guy just like I was before starting acting. He’s French, from Paris, and he’s hosted around 250 couchsurfers in Paris. Lina, Bianca and Rebecca are one of his favorite couchsurfers so he came to see them in Bologna. We had some chitchats and it was already noon, so they cooked some pasta and we had lunch. Another friend of the girls, Matilde, arrived and then later Lina’s roommate, Rebecca. Time was passing and I was just hanging out with the new people that were coming or from time to time taking portraits of Bianca. In the evening we went out for some aperitifs and then to drink some beer and wine sitting on the ground in Piazza San Francesco where we were joined by Be, who was also in Bologna. We talked about life, the effects of Tinder on our society and how it transforms romantic/sexual relationships into a market, different views on relationships in each of our countries and of course the meaning of life. We of course agreed to the simple answer that everyone wants to be happy, but we got stuck when we asked ourselves what we call home. We were all travelers or people studying in a different city so all of us had at least two homes in their lives. And as we kept wondering about it we slowly got back to our recent home to get back to sleep after a relaxing day.

Saturday I saw Be again to shoot something around the city. In Rimini we were always at the workshop or filming the short movie and we never had time to take some photos. I could feel that I was starting to get tired. Always changing the bed I sleep in, always packing up, carrying my heavy backpack and moving from one place to another, shooting almost everyday, never having the same type of food, all of these were starting to get to me. We had lunch and just enjoyed the nice weather but I had no energy for shooting. Towards the end of the afternoon we started taking pictures and thanks to her good energy I slowly started to be creative, too. I knew that the next day I had a train ticket to Florence but I didn’t find a place to sleep there yet. It was for the first time during my trip when it came to my mind that I could head back home and end my trip after more than 50 days on the road.


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