DAY 54. Bologna

bologna rain

Sunday I was supposed to leave to Florence and continue My Trade Trip. I still had no place to stay in Florence. It happened to me before during the trip not to have a place to sleep but I would always confidently move on with the trip and somehow somebody kind appeared out of nowhere to support my project and host me. But this time I felt for the first time that I don’t want to continue. I’ve been having back pain for a few days from all the carrying around of my heavy backpack. I didn’t feel something pulling me forward towards Florence, I was tired and I decided to stop. I met so many people, I did so many shootings, I visited so many cities and I felt that this was the end of my trip. I checked what flights I had from Bologna to Bucharest and I made a flight reservation for Monday.

As it constantly happened throughout my trip, whenever I left a city it started raining. This time it was even faster. Five minutes after I made the reservation rain came pouring from the sky on the old city of Bologna. But my trip and my coincidences were not over yet. Marie, the stylist I worked with in Paris more than a month ago was also in Bologna. She is one of the many people that I met more than once, in different cities and countries. I went out with her and her friend Laura, another French girl who has been studying Law in Bologna. They took me out for some coffee, then some aperitifs and at the end of the evening they got me ice cream. We talked a lot about the fashion industry, how it exploits models and how it builds an ideal type of beauty that is impossible to achieve in real life. We also talked about law, politics and human rights. Just like at a typical French dinner. I was happy to meet these nice smart and funny girls on my last day of the trip.

When the night came the rain was once again hitting Bologna. The next morning my trip was over.


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