Day 55. Back to Bucharest


After 55 days of traveling I was finally going home. I traveled for 3000 kilometers without ever touching a coin. I finally got to use my credit card for the ride to the airport and for the plane ticket back to Romania. I was going back to the world of money, the world of daily financial worries and plans. I felt this step as a hard one. Not because money is hard to make, even if it is, but because thinking about it can take your mind away from other important things. During my trip I was always focused on people, on photography or acting, and on receiving and offering without any financial implications. It wasn’t always easy, but it was always from the heart. The people I met were not there because they had to, even if for a lot of them my photos were useful. It was more than that. Removing money from the equation made all interactions more human and eventually more intense.

I never knew I could do this trip more than a few days, but I had a hidden trust in people. There was always a secret hope that there are a lot of people who will appreciate my attempt and who will understand that behind the adventure side of my trip there is also a deeper meaning. That life is not all about money and not only friendships are outside the money system. Exchanges between people can be, too. It can work even for material things that you need. You can choose to trade and you can choose to be friendly. I think the people that I met changed the meaning of the word offer from the economical understanding of the term back to the soulful meaning of it. I was offered stuff, I offered back stuff. But more than that I appreciated more the beauty of receiving. I’m thankful to all the people that I’ve met and that wanted to be part of my journey and to all of them I have a promise: we will meet again and again. And I also have a promise to myself: I will do this again!


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