My trip starts on the 1st of July in Amsterdam.

As soon as I get on the road, the route will definitely have some changes, but mainly it will pass through the cities below. I will adjust dates and other info as soon as I get close to the next city or have any booking confirmation. Now, these are just estimates.

Amsterdam – July 1-6

Bruxelles – July 7-13

Paris – July 14-23

Lyon – July 24-25

Montpellier -July 26-28

Barcelona – July 28 – August 5

Milano – August 5-9

Rimini – August 10-17

Bologna – August 18 – 22

Florence – August 23 – 27

Rome – August 28 – September 1

and then through ITALY  but not sure where yet 🙂 – after September 1st

This is subject to change based on how my journey goes along the way.

How can you participate to my story? Click HERE.


2 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. MagdaLEnvol says:

    Hi, We are on Nîmes near Montpellier . you’re welcome if you want .
    We are on a flat on a building by the architect Jean Nouvel , social building,
    abd We are a homleschoold .no school. Family. 🙂 Hope you will come .


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