Support Me

You can support my project in the following ways:


If you need actor headshots, model tests, interior & exterior location pictures, event photographs, product images then hire me. If you’re an artist it would be a pleasure to photograph your works, your rehearsals or your performances. Offer me a place to stay, some food or a transportation ticket. I will never ask for more! If I’m not in your city I will try to get there and do the job you need as soon as possible. For bookings email me at

I will also do acting coaching modules that last for 7 days. For details email me at


Even if you don’t need my photography services you can still host me out of good will. If you see I’m near your city, email me at and offer me a place to sleep. I will still try to photograph you or offer you photography gifts. You will of course be part of my documentary, my story and my thank you prayers 🙂


If I’m close to you and you can afford offering me a ticket, I can just hop on a train and come to your city. I will thank you with some cute photography gifts and of course include you in my documentary and my story. Email me at and I will visit your city.


Maybe you don’t need my services or cannot host me. You can still support my journey by spreading the word about my trip. Share it by word with your friends, share it on social media. Fortune has it’s own way of participating in our destiny, so help the goddess of Fortune and myself by spreading the word.


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