What Is My Trade Trip

My Trade Trip is a traveling project that I’m starting from the 1st of July 2015.


My plan is to travel across Europe with ZERO money in my pocket and live just from trading photography services.

I will be video & text documenting the entire trip, with the goal of finding out if it’s possible to live like in the old days, without the use of money.

The result will be a documentary and a gallery of all the photos I took along the way.

I will be taking organized and impromptu jobs without ever asking for money. I will only accept as pay a place to sleep, meals or transportation tickets.

For ways of supporting my trip you can click HERE.

I will be travelling through The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. For a more detailed itinerary click HERE.

Everyday I will update my position, post photos and write in my trip’s journal on this blog. You can also follow me on instagram, where I will post even more pictures.

MY GOAL is to meet a lot of new people, take hundreds of photos from different environments and cultures and document the possibility of surviving in a world where you can live by trade.


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